Lash Foam Cleanser


Cleansing your eyelash extensions is essential lash maintenance. Keep your eyelashes gorgeous and healthy with Harmony Beauty Co. cleansing foam. This high quality lightweight cleansing foam easily and gently removes any impurities that can build up on client’s eyelashes such as dead skin cells, dust, germs and make up residue. It has been specially formulated to use on client’s natural lashes before primer will maximize glue bonding power which means longer lash retention. Using tea tree tear free extract this protects your lashes from infections, bacteria, mites and blepharitis.


How to Use: Dispense a single pump of lash foam cleanser onto the back of your hand. Grab a small amount of the lash shampoo foam with the cleansing brush provided. Apply and massage gently into the lash line. Rinse with lots of cool/lukewarm water. Make sure to rinse all remains of the shampoo, if you leave some traces of lash shampoo foam on the lashes it will affect your retention. Pat dry with the soft paper tissue after the eyelash shampoo foam has been rinsed off.


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